Thursday, November 29, 2012

When Cousins Get Together

When cousins get together, they play all day.  All day!  They color pictures and draw cartoon characters.

When cousins get together, they make schedules just to make sure they don't forget which fun activity comes next.  (I'm especially fond of #7: random stuff.  That must be what is pictured at right.)

When cousins get together, they spend most of the day outside--especially if you are one of the boy cousins.  They play lots of basketball and football and think it's the most fun they've ever had, even when certain cousins don't show their finest sportsmanship.

When cousins get together, they play games like Lover's Leap.  We lined them up in height order and partnered a big cousin with a smaller one.  This game may have been my favorite cousin moment of the whole weekend.  I laughed hard.  And it was just too perfect with the numbers and sizes of our cousins.

Caleb didn't quite get the right "Lover's Leap" hold on Owen.  Thank goodness Owen loves Caleb enough to tolerate the wedgie.  

"chicken on a roof"

"bunk beds"

"Eiffel tower"

"Typewriter"and "Fire hydrant"

When cousins get together, they also play games like Spoons.

When cousins get together, they pose for pictures; which means that they link arms around shoulders.  It's kind of like an unwritten rule.  Wow, these boys are getting big!

When cousins get together, they eat.  A lot!

They eat guts...

 How adorable is Ian?

...and spaghetti.  They all love spaghetti!

There's just no dainty way to eat it.  You gotta just slurp it in.

And they eat Dilly bars, too.

Is there anything better than getting together with cousins?


Jen said...

Love all the pictures! There really isn't anything better. I love that my kids love and have good relationships with their cousins!

Lucy said...

Me too! My kids miss their cousins!