Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How Small is Too Small?

Maybe her growth over the last four months is "unimpressive," but have you seen this girl do pull-ups? Now that's impressive. Does it really matter if she's short--even tiny? She's been tiny since the day she was born, but she's also entirely healthy and unbelievably strong.

If I'm understanding it all correctly, it's not so much that Alyssa is tiny (which in and of itself is odd because neither of her parents could be described as such) but that she's actually gotten tinier when compared with others her age.

When we took Alyssa in for her well child check back in November, her pediatrician was concerned that she had fallen off her growth curve. A bone age test proved deviant enough to warrant a referral to a pediatric endocrinologist. She was subjected to extensive blood work which came back mostly clear. Then we waited four months before doing a remeasurement of her stats.

Evidently, 48 inches and 50 lbs. for a nine-year old is not big enough. And the growth from her last appointment was "unimpressive."

So unimpressive, in fact, that the doctor recommends performing a growth hormone stimulation test. It's a test that involves spending a morning in the hospital with an IV, a couple of medications and multiple blood draws.

All of that because she's short? Is short such a bad thing? I'm OK with her stature and so is she. But I'm not sure I'm OK with daily injections just to make her taller. Or is it more than that? Are there other possible complications involved?

I was full of questions but the doctor didn't want us "getting ahead of ourselves." This test would just be the next step to finding out more. He explained that the worst case scenario would be a brain tumor (I'm not at all worried about that one) but at the very least her stature could have social stigmas such as not being able to drive a car or finding clothes that fit. Are you kidding me? Too short to drive? That seems like an altogether too dramatic prediction to me.

So what do I do? Do I put my baby girl through this lengthy, uncomfortable and likely expensive test? Is this doctor just being overly precautious or am I just a mom in denial?

This Alyssa and her dear friend, Abigail, who is 14 months younger.
Some kids are tall, some are short. Alyssa just happens to be short. And good things come in small packages, right?

What would you do?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Quick Spring Break Trip

Our spring break coincided with the open house for the new Vancouver temple, so we decided to make a quick trip to the north. On our way to British Columbia, we stopped to see the tulips.

The wind was blowing hard and cold but the tulips were as beautiful as ever.

Though the kids might claim the hotel pool as the highlight of their trip, the temple open house was really wonderful. It is truly a beautiful place and I'm so glad the kids got to experience the inside of this amazing building.

After we finished seeing the temple, we made our way to Lynn Canyon where we enjoyed the suspension bridge and some light hiking.

These were some rare moments when we had the bridge all to ourselves.

Next, we drove all over downtown Vancouver looking for the Olympic cauldron. We found it, but only after finally stopping in Granville Island to ask some locals for help.

Then we made our way to Stanley Park for some beautiful views of the city and a look at the totem poles.

After the kids enjoyed more swimming at the hotel pool (it did have a pretty cool waterslide!), Jon and I were able to sneak away for a nighttime view of the temple. It's such a peaceful place and I loved seeing it all lit up against the night sky.

It was a great spring break. Are we happy to be going back to school? That would depend on who you ask.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

It was everything Easter should be: hunting for eggs, dying eggs, candy, a yummy ham dinner and of course, some time to discuss the true meaning of the holiday. Best of all, we had fun cousins to share it all with.

Alyssa found the golden egg and we were shocked to find a five-dollar bill inside! What a lucky girl.

Happy Easter!

Party Time

Natalie went to five birthday parties in the month of March. Each party made her more anxious for her own and her wish list for the gifts she wanted grew with each present we bought for a friend. Her big day finally came on Saturday.

We decided to have her party at the gym. It was the perfect party for both boys and girls and the kids had a blast as they had their run of the place.

Kennedy and Sienna showing their stuff on the balance beam.

Lydia, Jacob, Natalie and Ava going through the obstacle course.

Emma stopping for a quick picture.

Owen, Chloe and Jacob on the beam.

Midway through, we stopped for snacks and cupcakes.

Make a wish!

Then it was time for gifts. It thought it was really cute that they had the child whose gift was being opened come and sit by Natalie.

Carson watching Natalie open the gift from him.

I love the excited look on Sophie's face.

Carly and Natalie

A Polly Pocket boat from Emma.

And Littlest Pet Shop dog from Kennedy.

Jacob and Natalie.

I love this picture of Natalie smiling at Ava.

Carly and Alyssa were especially good hoola hoopers.

We presented each child with a medal made from a Ding Dong and then they all stood on the podium for a big salute. So cute!

Several guests wanted their chance to stand on top of the one...








Here's our little champ who is officially five. Thanks to all who helped make it a special birthday. I think a great time was had by all!