Sunday, August 23, 2009

Are You Ready For Some Football?

It was our first real splurge since Jon started working again back in May. But Saturday NFL games don't come around too often so it was an opportunity we couldn't refuse. Caleb was insanely jealous of our lower-level seats on the 20 yard line but this was an outing for just us two.

The view from our seats.


I took this picture for Caleb. It is a display of all the high school football teams in the state of Washington. Pretty cool. I'll admit that I had to use the key to find my Alma Mater. But in my defense, the helmet has change since I was there.

The Seahawks do a great job with all the pre-game hoopla. Each player makes an individual grand entrance through the gate and under a shower of fireworks. So fun and exciting.

I sure love my football! I don't even feel out of place in the NFL stadium where I'm convinced the man to woman ratio is 4:1. For me, it was as ideal as any date night could be.

Now bring on those Cougs! Only 13 days to go--but who's counting?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Whose Bed is it Anyway?

There were two in the bed
And the little one said,
“I’m scared, I’m scared”
So they all rolled over
Let the little one in

There were three in the bed
And the middle one said,
“My ear hurts, my ear hurts”
So they all rolled over
Let the middle one in

There were four in the bed
And the mother one said,
“No alarm clock, not yet!”
But they all rolled over
Mother forced herself up

There were three in the bed
And the father one said,
“Time for work now, time for work now”
So they all rolled over
Father got right out

There were two in the bed
And the mother one said,
“I want my bed back!”

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mariners Win!

We were beginning to think it was us. We couldn't even remember the last time the Mariners won a game we attended. It was oh-so fun to watch them earn a thrilling, hard-fought win on Friday.

We had peanuts and Cracker Jack (and chips and Big League Chew), thanks to free goodie bags provided by Jon's company. They also provided the tickets. Keep the free stuff coming!

When the Rays were up by three in the fifth, Caleb was ready to throw in the towel. He just couldn't bear to witness another loss. We repeatedly denied his pleas to leave early.

Things started to change in the bottom of the seventh inning when Caleb's favorite player, Griffey Jr., hit a homer. By the end of that inning, the M's had tied the game.

Caleb broke out his famous dance moves. I simply don't know how his grooving didn't make it to the JumboTron.

He certainly put on a show for those around us. Dad may be hearing all about it from the many coworkers that were witness to Caleb's dancing come Monday morning.

The game went into extra innings. The Rays hit a homer at the top of the eleventh inning and Caleb once again began begging to leave. It was nearly 11:00 pm but we'd come this far, Jon and I were determined to see the game through.

The M's got up to bat and managed to get one man on base but they were soon down to their last strike with two outs. It didn't look good.

We were resigning ourselves to witness yet another loss at Safeco Field when the game was saved with a walk-off two-run home run!

It's not hard for anyone who knows Caleb to imagine the celebration that occurred in our area of the stadium. It really was exciting.

Caleb stood and stared at the field until the sprinklers came on. And then he wanted his picture taken. Victory!

We missed you, Uncle Chad. We thought of you and wished you were there to watch such an exciting win with us.

Go M's!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Free Night at the Museum

Last night, Seattle's Museum of Flight offered free admission. We decided it would be worth our while to take advantage of the opportunity. On our way, we stopped at IKEA for dinner because kids are currently eating free. Three free kid meals and five free museum admissions. Can't beat free!

I'm not sure what Natalie was expecting, but shortly after stepping into the entrance of the museum she declared, "Mom, this is not fun! This is just looking at things!"

Once we made our way to the children's area, she was a little more content.

We stood in line, with all the other local mooches, for the kids to take their turn sitting in the various aircraft.

The World War I/World War II wing was particularly interesting to me. I was fascinated by the history.

The kids liked trying the biplane simulator. They're terrible pilots.

Once we got home, I was anxious to get the kids in bed. It was already late so I bribed them, as all stellar mothers do, to have their rooms picked up and be asleep in 30 minutes. Their reward? To go out to lunch today after gymnastics.

They may have been slightly outside the 30 minute window, but I decided they'd put in the necessary effort to earn today's reward. And what was the best part about lunch? It was free! Well, technically Grandma paid but since we used McDonald's gift cards, it was free to us.

On a side note: Did I just happen into an unsually "classy" McDonald's or do all their restaurants currently play classical music while all female employees (not just the managers) are dressed in skirts? I mean, I'm a former employee myself and I know I never had to wear a skirt and I'm positive we didn't have classical music to soothe our customers. I was beginning to wonder if my leotard-clad daughters were grossly underdressed. Maybe it's that new Angus beef and fancy coffees they're serving now?

The museum was fun. Should we try the free bowling tonight? Oh wait, we have some free Mariners tickets to use. I guess the bowling will have to wait.