Saturday, January 27, 2007

100 Things About Tara

I love the idea of making a list of 100 things. I am going to do one for each of my kids (I'm done with Caleb and Alyssa can't wait to start hers) for their scrapbooks. I have a friend that interviews her kids every couple of years using the same questions and she says it's really fun to see how the answers change. I'm excited to see which traits stay the same and which things change as they grow up. Here's my list of 100 things...

  1. Jon is my favorite person in the whole wide world!
  2. I often curl up on heating vents to get warm.
  3. I love to sleep and am ALWAYS tired.
  4. I’m very good at throwing pity parties.
  5. I get up at 5:55 a.m. and run the same 3-mile route every weekday morning.
  6. I don’t do anything half-heartedly.
  7. I love pumpkin pancakes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin bars and pumpkin blizzards.
  8. Wendy’s vs. McDonald’s—not only does Wendy’s have the better food, it was a better place to work!
  9. I wear slippers in the house at all times.
  10. My stomach is a bottom-less pit.
  11. I LOVE football!!
  12. I have a dream of being a dial-a-down girl at a football game. Somebody call Oprah and make it happen!
  13. I always have high expectations of myself and others (which means I set myself up for disappointment).
  14. I could eat Mexican everyday.
  15. I love my acrylic nails.
  16. I am technologically challenged.
  17. I rarely pay more than $20-25 for an article of clothing, not including coats and shoes.
  18. I find people and their stories fascinating.
  19. I love reality TV.
  20. I like to have a busy schedule.
  21. I love party games.
  22. Silver sage (Restoration Hardware) is my favorite color.
  23. I rarely drink anything but water.
  24. I have a terrible memory.
  25. I wish my backyard were professionally landscaped or that I had the green thumb to do it myself.
  26. I am petrified of flying but love to see new places.
  27. I’m always cold.
  28. I’m good at keeping secrets.
  29. We will never own a pet!
  30. I love jewelry.
  31. I love getting flowers from Jon—so grateful he’s a romantic!
  32. I have very dry skin.
  33. I love guacamole or anything with avocado.
  34. Guilt is my constant companion.
  35. I taught first grade for 3 years.
  36. I think 1:00 church is the best and I am so sad to say goodbye to it.
  37. I believe less is more, in most cases. If only I could apply it to food!
  38. I am very dependable.
  39. I’ve been on national TV.
  40. I find anything with caramel irresistible!
  41. I believe kids should work for what they get.
  42. I hate Walmart—Thank goodness for Target.
  43. I experienced love at first sight.
  44. I like four distinct seasons—fall (football season, of course) is my favorite.
  45. I can’t put the sour cream container, or any other jar on the dinner table—nice serving dishes only!
  46. I love the fresh summer berries of the Northwest!
  47. I couldn’t live without my king-size bed.
  48. I ask a lot of questions. (see #18)
  49. I love going out to eat.
  50. I love home-cooked meals.
  51. I ran a 5K 9 months pregnant—delivered Natalie 11 days later.
  52. I like to/have a need to be well planned.
  53. I enjoy social gatherings.
  54. I hold grudges like no one else!
  55. Breakfast is my favorite meal-we used to have a Saturday morning tradition of going out to breakfast. The schedule is just too busy now.
  56. I think potty training is the worst thing a parent has to do.
  57. I always wanted 7 kids…oh, was I ever na├»ve!!
  58. I love surprises--good ones, of course!
  59. I’m scared of the dark.
  60. I can beat anyone at a hand-stand contest.
  61. I sort my M&M’s by color before eating them.
  62. I have one child with blue eyes, one with green and one with brown.
  63. I rarely make a recipe without changing it somehow.
  64. I never buy greeting cards, they’re so much fun to make!
  65. We didn’t know Caleb’s gender prior to his birth. (see #58)
  66. I used to be able to quote every word of The Princess Bride.
  67. Jon and I are two years, two months and two days apart in age.
  68. Our first address was 222 E. 700 N. #2
  69. I graduated from high school, two years later graduated from Ricks, two years later graduated from BYU and got married, two years later had our first baby, two years later had our second and all of these major events happened on even years!
  70. Two would be my lucky number if I didn’t have such bad luck.
  71. I used to be a Calvin and Hobbes faithful!
  72. I walk fast, can’t stand to “mosey” and get annoyed when I get stuck behind someone who is.
  73. I was never good at sports other than gymnastics.
  74. I struggle with making big purchases.
  75. I love Sketchers shoes. Every member of our family has at least one pair!
  76. My knees make terrible grinding sounds when I go up or down stairs.
  77. I love seafood—especially crab and shrimp.
  78. I resist change.
  79. I don’t have very good hearing.
  80. I love to do crossword puzzles.
  81. I hate grocery shopping but laundry and bathrooms are even worse!
  82. I shed-it’s amazing I still have hair left on my head.
  83. I wish I were a better housekeeper-- am only a clean freak about the living room/dining room.
  84. I LOVE my Honda Pilot.
  85. I prefer nuts in my fudge, chocolate and ice cream but don’t want them in my chocolate chip cookies.
  86. My sweet tooth is my Achilles’ heel.
  87. I dream that when my kids are grown they will say, “My mom was the best cook!”
  88. We didn’t have a dishwasher when I was a kid.
  89. I deal with my emotions by talking them out—I love to talk, poor Jon!
  90. I am easily entertained.
  91. I’ve never seen the Rocky movies.
  92. I got my first job, a paper route, when I was in the fourth grade.
  93. I tried out for Annie when I was young, didn’t make it and was scarred for life!
  94. I HATE the University of Utah and still get excited when I replay this year’s win over those nasty Utes!
  95. Dijon mustard is so much better than regular.
  96. I don’t know how we ever lived without DVR.
  97. I like to be involved and be in the know.
  98. I’m excitable-which can be good and bad. It sure makes our house a fun place to watch football!
  99. I can’t stand repetitive noises.
  100. I think that my children, the monkeys that they are, are the most beautiful kids in the world! Every mom does, right?


Jenny said...

Wow! I am way impressed you get up that early to run. I run/walk the same 3 mile route during the week too.

I always new you were a football junkie. Your list was great!! How fun to make one for each of your kids.

Doug says we are going to do a FHE with our family back home and have everyone do one. I think it is a great way to get to know your family.

Lucy said...

Great list, Tara. Aren't they fun to do? I loved reading it, knowing a lot and being surprised by some. I'm glad I get to be part of your family.

Emily said...

Love the list! I find Brendan curled up on the heat vent in the bathroom almost every morning :) And I'm totally with you on #85!

Bridget said...

I came to your blog via Jenny C's. Love your list! I too love football (the Nebraska Cornhuskers), Mexican food, Target (HATE Walmart), the 4 seasons, and would give up many things before my king sized bed. Thanks for sharing your list!

Jen said...

good job Tara...i have yet to do a 100 list. Maybe if Jon does one...

Dana said...

Love your list! And I am definitely with you on #85! :) You must try the Banana Split concoction at Cold Stone. Nut heaven :P

Kelly A. said...

Hee, #54 is on my list too. I'm working on it, admitting the problem is the first step.

#56-ing my boys was a tragedy, my daughter was a breeze.

62 ME TOO!

66 For me it's Dirty Dancing, except not used to, I still can! A little embarrassing, I know.

72: how do you feel about the diagonal walker? Ever so slowly veers diagonal and won't get out of your way. Hate that!

84 WEEEE! ME TOO! I can be very obnoxious gushing about all it's good qualities. Black 05, what's yours?

91 Me either but we lived in Philadelphia right across the street from where Rocky ran the museum steps so I have a little soft place in my heart for him.

92 Paper route myself! And we couldn't throw them, my dad made us walk right up to the front door and gently place it.

Sorry, I just had to respond to each one because I kept squealing ME TOO! Great list!

Holli said...

This is random because I don't know you, but have you ever had your thyroid levels checked? I was always tired and cold and my thyroid was low. One pill a day and I'm better than new. The cold didn't really bother me, but I'm so happy to have my normal energy levels back!