Friday, February 19, 2010

Chalk City

It was certainly the most expansive display of sidewalk chalk art I'd ever seen. With 8 artists working together, they were able to cover a lot of ground. Literally.

Tacoma was the southermost point and the kids were standing at the "Seattle Center" to the north. You can see just how big their city was.

City features included: SeaTac airport, complete with the control tower

Westlake Center (a mall)

The Pacific Science Center

Puget Sound

Safeco and Qwest fields (betcha can't guess who added those in)

And though this was a fairly good replica of the actual city, they decided that while they were drawing the Space Needle, they might as well include Disneyland in the Seattle Center. Good idea.

Their city also had a couple of hotels, Sam's Club, Krispy Kreme and a couple of hospitals.

They decided a broken piece of gray chalk resembled rocks that belonged in a construction zone. Every city's got them, right?

I was amazed at all the details they'd thought of and every feature was connected with highways and byways.

Here are some of the artists standing behind "Disneyland Seattle."

They were planning to expand on the city of Tacoma when I ruined their fun by telling them it was time to go to gymnastics. While driving to the gym Alyssa realized they hadn't added any schools.
I guess it's a work in progress. Too bad they have to go back to school next week.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love in Any Language

I've never read the book on love languages but from what I do know, we experienced a bit of all of them this weekend. Gifts, words of affirmation, service and hugs; you name it, we were speaking that language.

Earlier last week, the mailman delivered cards and packages from Grandmas and Grandpas. There's nothing like getting a special something in the mail.

On Saturday night, I debated whether or not to set out the traditional trail of hearts. Ultimately I decided the kids would not remember/care about them so I didn't do it.

Oh fool that I was! First thing Sunday morning, Natalie asked when I was going to make the trail for them. Though they were disappointed that they didn't wake up to them strewn across the floor, they politely assumed that I was just going to get to it later.

After church, I set out the trail which led to their valentine gifts from Aunt Sarah. They were thrilled and I've learned my lesson...never assume the kids won't miss a tradition no matter how silly it may seem.

Jon surprised me with some beautiful roses. He knows I love flowers. He also knows I'm not a big fan of balloons...

...but he a tease, so he also brought home an enormous balloon that plays "Wild Thing" when tapped or pulled. It was done more for the laugh than for an expression of love I'm sure, so in that sense his purposes were fulfilled. We definitely laughed.

I showed my love by serving a special Valentine dinner and caramel corn for a late night snack.

It was so nice to spend our love day with two special Aunts.

Natalie showed her love by styling Maureen's hair. She also spent the weekend serving us treats from the Valentine treat bowl.

Just when I thought our expressions of love were complete, my kids surprised me again. When the kids got up this morning, they made me a scrambled egg and toast breakfast. It was complete with freshly ground pepper, raspberry jam, orange juice and a thoughtful note. I'd gone back to sleep after running this morning so they crept in my room and left the surprise next to my bed.

After I ate, I took my dishes downstairs and found that they'd emptied the dishwasher (and put all dishes away in the cupboards) and cleaned the kitchen/family room.

Seriously, you three. I love you!
Whatever language you're speaking, I'm feeling it.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl XLIV

Super Bowl Sunday wasn't turning out to be much different than any other Sunday until some really clever, thoughtful kids decided we needed a party.

After Jon finally arrived home from church, we ate a yummy pot roast dinner with all the fixin's. With our bellies full we were ready for the kids to tuck us into our bed for our Sunday nap.

"Wake me up at 4:45," Jon told Alyssa as she left our room.

It was actually around 5:15 when Alyssa came excitedly in our room, shouting for us to "wake up!"

The kids could hardly wait to show us the party they'd put together while we slept. Right outside our bedroom door was station number one. Each station had a question for us to answer. The first question: "Who are you going for?"

Station two: "How exited (excited) are you?" (on a scale of 1-5) I decided I was about a 3.

Station three: "What is your favorite player playing?" That's easy. Austin Collie...always gotta root for the former Cougar.

Station four contained our tickets for popcorn and drinks and they were eager to serve us. Alyssa was careful to punch our tickets each time.

The popcorn was popped and dished up at the countertop but we quickly decided that turning it into ooey, gooey caramel corn would be that much more fun.

It was a good game. I was fine that the Saints won. It didn't matter, really. It was my delightful kids that made my day.