Friday, June 21, 2013

What a Month!

Today we officially welcome summer and come to the close of a very full month.  

At the beginning of the month, Jon and I celebrated 17 amazing years of marriage.  Seriously, how did I get so lucky?  Jon expressed his love with flowers and steak.  Perfect.  It was a fancy meal for just us two and I've been enjoying the flowers all month long.

I worked literally every school day except for two: the field trip to the zoo and field day.  On those days I got to just be a parent.

I sure had fun chaperoning this group at the zoo:

Natty, Chloe and Emma

The girls with the fabulous Mrs. Miller

We enjoyed end-of-the-year concerts for Caleb's choir and Alyssa's orchestra.  I'm continually impressed by the music programs in our school district.  They really do a phenomenal job.

Caleb later had a choir banquet where he was awarded two awards: "most likely to sing in the shower" and "best facial expressions."  Funny, right?  He even got a loofah and a mask to go with the certificates.

Caleb and I supported his cross country team's fundraiser, "Beat the Raven."  It's a 5K fun run where you try to beat the school's mascot.  Caleb did well--especially considering he has run so little since last fall's cross country season--earning fourth in his age division.  I placed first in my age division but don't go congratulating me, I really wasn't all that fast.  It was a small race.  (Caleb was A LOT faster than me! )

Natalie's field day--which was also wacky hair day--was lots of fun and the weather was picture perfect.  SubZero did a great demonstration which ended with ice cream for all of the kids.

I love spending the day with this one:

After another great school year, it was finally time to say goodbye.

Nat was so lucky to have Mrs. Miller for two years.  And this year was extra special since her closest friends were also in her class.

Caleb (and his parents) survived another round of semester finals and Alyssa was actually sad to see her first year of middle school come to an end.  The kids sure are growing up fast!

As if all of that excitement weren't enough, at the beginning of the month I was approached about a part-time teaching position and was encouraged to apply.  After careful consideration, I decided to complete the application process and have been blessed by amazing support from school staff.  

Today I interview at the district office.  I haven't been this nervous in a long time.

See what I mean?  It's been quite the month.

Saturday, June 8, 2013


The second graders of Lakeland Hills Elementary put on a really cute play about the solar system called, "A Vacation on Mars."

Natalie was selected to be a part of the Neptune Family...which evidently means you need green hair?

The play is about a family from Earth that takes a vacation to Mars.  Unfortunately they sign up with Betty's Bargain Basement Tours and their family spends their vacation lost in the solar system and they never make it to Mars.  They do, however, make it to Neptune just as the Neptune family is arriving home from their own ill-fated vacation with Betty's Bargain Basement Tours.

Natalie sang a solo and I thought she was simply adorable.  And brave.

She sang:
Right from the start this was not our vacation
Our bags got sent to the wrong constellation
I had to wear the same socks til they smelled like trout.

Have a listen:


These elementary school performances are precious to me and I feel all sorts of melancholy as I experience them with my youngest child.  These childhood days are slipping through my fingers.  Why can't she stay little forever, darn it?

Natty and Emma before the show and pre-green hair spray for Nat.

Fun show.  Way to go, Nat!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Green River Marathon

Caleb participated in his first marathon--relay style.  The Green River Marathon is a small race with a relay option and runners can participate free of charge.  Some friends from the ward put together a couple of teams--a girl's team, a boy's team and a couple of dads who each ran a half.

Left to Right: Zeke, Connor, Ben, Landon, Caleb, Mason, Steve, Emma, Barb, Abby, Alyse and Brandon.

Jon was the designated driver of the boy's team.  He made sure the boys were at each of the exchanges.  Here's Caleb getting ready for his 5.7 mile leg:

The exchange between Caleb and Landon:

Off he goes:

Jon said most of the route is run along the Green River Trail but Caleb got the leg that took him right thru the "hood."

(I didn't get to go watch and cheer the runners on.  I was busy being a substitute coach at the gym.)

Caleb passed the watch--instead of a baton?--to Mason and then lay down to rest.  He did next to no training for this race and his shoes were a half-size too small--I'm telling you, we can't keep up with his growth!--but he still did great.

It was fun for all of the kids and I'm glad they got the opportunity to participate.

Almost makes me want to get myself in shape to run a race of my own...