Friday, February 19, 2010

Chalk City

It was certainly the most expansive display of sidewalk chalk art I'd ever seen. With 8 artists working together, they were able to cover a lot of ground. Literally.

Tacoma was the southermost point and the kids were standing at the "Seattle Center" to the north. You can see just how big their city was.

City features included: SeaTac airport, complete with the control tower

Westlake Center (a mall)

The Pacific Science Center

Puget Sound

Safeco and Qwest fields (betcha can't guess who added those in)

And though this was a fairly good replica of the actual city, they decided that while they were drawing the Space Needle, they might as well include Disneyland in the Seattle Center. Good idea.

Their city also had a couple of hotels, Sam's Club, Krispy Kreme and a couple of hospitals.

They decided a broken piece of gray chalk resembled rocks that belonged in a construction zone. Every city's got them, right?

I was amazed at all the details they'd thought of and every feature was connected with highways and byways.

Here are some of the artists standing behind "Disneyland Seattle."

They were planning to expand on the city of Tacoma when I ruined their fun by telling them it was time to go to gymnastics. While driving to the gym Alyssa realized they hadn't added any schools.
I guess it's a work in progress. Too bad they have to go back to school next week.


Holly said...

Carly told me they made a HUGE city, but I never would have pictured all of that!

Erin said...

So geographically correct! Great job, kids!

I'm also in awe of your sidewalk chalk weather. We haven't had any of that here for quite awhile!

Chad said...

Great job you guys!! I am jealous, why no school?

Lucy said...

Whoa! I'm impressed!

Mom said...

Nice work everyone. I'm really impressed with the details, but especially love the addition of Disneyland. Don't you wish it was really that close?!

Camille said...

I know, I love this. All the details are amazing. Did you notice they even had a carpool lane on their freeway?

KmCaCFamilyof5 said...

WOW! That is a huge chalk city, and very impressive all the land marks they remembered in our area. I'm not surprised at all that Disneyland made it into their city. I DEFINITELY wish it was that close!!

Sara said...

How Fun! Definitely jealous of the weather you must have been having that day.

Jackie said...

Love the city. Great idea to get pictures.

Texas Brewers said...

Hey there! Your kids are so cute and growing so fast! How are you?