Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Elections and Birthdays

Twelve years ago today I had an appointment with my obstetrician.  Though it was the exact date he'd given for my baby to be due, by my calculations she was late.  It was the Monday before an historic election day and the year's first skiff of snow covered the ground.

Convinced that I was leaking amniotic fluid, I'd been to the hospital the previous Saturday, but they soon sent me home as pregnant as I'd arrived.  I'd spent the weekend feeling frustrated and growing increasingly impatient.

When I finally saw my doctor around noon that Monday, I explained what had been happening.  He did a quick exam which included a ph test of the fluid I'd been leaking and announced, "Go directly to the hospital.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200." (Good thing my smart mom had advised me to take my hospital bag to the doctor appointment.)

We departed for the hospital and I was on a mission to have that baby before midnight so that we wouldn't spend the rest of our lives sharing a birthday.  I felt strongly that we each needed our own day.

We checked into the hospital at 1:00 in the afternoon and at 5:02 p.m., we welcomed the most perfectly pink princess into our family.  We couldn't have been happier!

The next night, I lay in my hospital bed cuddling the best birthday present I'd ever been given while watching the news coverage of Election Tuesday.  It was a tight race between Al Gore and George W. Bush.  Late into the night it still hadn't been decided.  I soon succumbed to my post-partum exhaustion and decided that I'd just find out who the president was in the morning.  Who knew that the ballot counting would go on for another six weeks!

Today, another presidential election will take place and if all the polls are correct, it will be another very tight race.  We'll be keeping a close eye on the election, no doubt, but our first priority is to celebrate that baby girl who today is a beautiful, twelve year-old young lady.  Oh how we love her!

 Birthday breakfast--gluten-free cinnamon roll and pumpkin spice cocoa.

Sporting her new birthday coat. :)

Happy 12th Birthday, Alyssa!


Lucy said...

I love her! And her newborn picture is just so her. Isn't that incredible, that even though we can't really tell what they look like as babies, when we look back at their pictures, it's all there. All of Alyssa. She is a doll.

Happy Birthday, Alyssa!!

P.S. Please teach me how to make GF cinnamon rolls. They look perfect!

Chad said...

Alyssa Rose, Alyssa Rose, How I love Alyssa Rose! Such a beautiful young woman you have become! Happy Birthday young lady! Aunt Amy and I love you very much!

Jami Little said...

I love that baby picture of her! Her little toddler self is how I most remember her, I always adored that little face. I'm so happy she gets to join her buddies in YW now, she's been so patient and hasn't complained ONE TIME about being the last one left in her primary class. She really is such a sweet girl! Happy birthday Alyssa!

Mom said...

Oh how we love Alyssa Rose! I remember that day twelve years ago oh so well. Happy birthday baby girl!

Jen said...

Happy Birthday Alyssa! I agree with Lucy...couldn't have imagined the beautiful young woman she is now, but can totally see Alyssa in that baby picture. It's one of the prettiest baby pics I've ever seen! Hope she had a fun day. Love the coat!