Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun

Costumes weren't allowed at school but since it was "Wacky Wednesday," blue hair was.

I've been teaching 2nd grade all week for a teacher who is on vacation and it just so happens that this particular teacher had planned to do a joint "harvest party" with Natalie's teacher.  They planned a rather extensive festivity that included seven different stations run between the two classrooms.

I love to put on a party, but putting on someone else's party is another thing entirely.  It was mostly run by parent volunteers and I did my best to at least pretend that I knew what was going on when explaining to them what they should do.  Between the prep work and clean-up, it will easily go down as my busiest sub job to date.

But watching kids have fun is ever-so enjoyable and totally worth the throbbing in my legs and feet that I got courtesy of the Halloween holiday.

The donut eating contest was a popular station and easily the most comical--and messy!

I got home from teaching and ran to the store for some candy for trick-or-treaters.  I was feeling somewhat embarrassed about having waited until 4:00 on Halloween to buy the goods, until I found that  half of my neighborhood was at the store for the very same reason.  

I got home and after throwing together a pot of soup, I decided I'd better start working on Caleb's costume.  So I ripped up some clothes, painted him green and called him "The Hulk."  Good enough.

Caleb said he thought he might be too old to trick-or-treat but Hunter had asked him to go with him and he "didn't want to let him down."  What a buddy.  You need a friend to help you gather free candy?  Caleb's there for ya.

I was equally lame with the girls' costumes.  Jon took them to the Halloween store and they each picked their own outfits.  No thoughtful ideas or creativity whatsoever.  

Natalie was a vampire but she left the collar that really made the dress at the gym after she attended a party there last week.  Alyssa was a...skeleton girl?  I don't really know what you call it but she's cute in anything.

The kids couldn't wait to head out with their friends.  They paired off and gathered the goods for over two hours!

We have SO much candy.  I mean, SO much candy!

"But that's what Halloween is all about," Natalie said as she sorted through her mound.

If that's true, then this just may have been our best Halloween yet.


Chad said...

Looking good!

Jen said...

Looks like it all worked out! THe kids look great for "little effort" :)

Ben and Carrie said...

No candy tally this year of how many of each type of candy? That's a Hatch Halloween classic!

We ran into Caleb trick or treating and I thought he looked awesome. Can't believe you threw that together in minutes.

Good luck with the last day of your subbing marathon. Your Halloween costume should have been "Super Sub." You definitely are.

Camille said...

I thought your kids looked great! I'm impressed that you pulled everything together so well. I agree with Carrie about the super-sub thing but I would also tack on super-mom!

Lucy said...

Every time you write about subbing, I know I could never do it. Filling in for all of that hoopla sounds exhausting and stressful but, like everything you do, it looks like you pulled it off with flair and precision. Your kids really do look great. I'm glad it was a successful day and night!