Friday, July 27, 2012

Mountains, Music, Lightning and More

Lewis and Clark named it the Gates of the Mountains.  Captain Clark said it this way in his journal:

"this evening we entered much the most remarkable clifts that we have yet seen. These clifts rise from the waters edge on either side perpendicularly to the hight of 1200 feet. ... the river appears to have forced its way through this immense body of solid rock for the distance of 5-3/4 Miles ... I called it the gates of the rocky mountains."

When the boat moves from one side of the Missouri River to the other, the cliffs on either side appear to be like massive gates opening to the river.

We also got to see a bald eagle, an ancient indian pictograph and the rock formation that is called the Canyon Monster."

That afternoon the boys played lots of basketball at the church.  We later had a spaghetti dinner, talent show and dance.  (That will be a post all on its own.) But at one point in the evening, a majority of the family lined up for a game of lightning.

It came down to Sarah, Lucy and Caleb.  It was pretty intense at the end but Caleb managed to pull out the victory!

And now for some random pictures of some other fun things we did during the week...

The girls played dress up with some old high school dance dresses.  Fancy!

There were some go-cart races.  I heard Caleb drove a few people of the track.  Oh dear.  He's got a lot to learn in the next two years.

And finally, an evening band concert by the State Capital Band.

Can you believe all of this fun?  And I haven't even gotten to my favorite events yet...


Lucy said...

I am loving your posts so much. I need to get on the ball. Tempted to copy and paste yours:-)

Jen said...

Fun times!