Monday, July 16, 2012

Camp Fife

Caleb had a great week at scout camp!

He has an aversion to lake water but since Camp Fife has a pool, he earned his swimming merit badge without having immerse himself in any "disgusting" water.

They practiced lots of skit ideas but kept changing their mind about which one to perform.  They sounded like typical deacon humor...not that funny.

What a fun surprise to see Cousin Ansel at camp!

Funny that none of us knew they'd be there at the same time.  Evidently Caleb knew it was the camp Ansel was going to attend and had been hoping they'd just happen to be there on the same week.  

He came home happy, exhausted and dirty.  Evidently none of the scouts showered all week!  Good thing they were swimming every day.

We sure missed Caleb.  We're all glad to have him back.


Chad said...

Awesome! Brings back memories!

Jen said...

I'm impressed he earned the swimming merit badge! And it's so so fun that he and Ansel were there the same week!