Tuesday, June 19, 2012


Did you hear that Best Buy has a new CEO?

She gave a speech at the opening town meeting of BizTown.

She runs a profitable business, too.

I had to go through a two hour training just to be able to volunteer with the fifth graders of Alyssa's school at Junior Achievement's BizTown.  What a great experience it was!  The kids learn how businesses and economies run by becoming citizens and employees of BizTown.  There is everything from doctors to lawyers to meter readers.  Alyssa got to be the CEO of Best Buy.

Chase bank is by far the busiest place in BizTown.

I think the Mariners Team Store was the most popular retailer.  The citizens get to spend BizTown dollars that they have earned from their various jobs.  The kids get to keep all of the merchandise they buy.  Lys picked up a poster for Caleb.

Parent volunteers don't get to spend their day in same businesses as their kids.  (I guess we parents tend to hover too much.) But I was right next door to Best Buy in the restaurant working with my Papa John's crew.

They were a great bunch of kids and our business was profitable, too.

Plus, as an employee perk, they got an extra slice of pizza.  And I got to take an entire pizza home to Caleb.

What a fun day and fantastic learning experience!


Jen said...

That looks really really cool and fun!

Mom said...

Love Biz Town. What a great experience for an adorable CEO.

Chad said...

Very Cool! Good job Lys!

Craythorn Family said...

What a neat project.... and very life applicable!