Friday, December 21, 2012

12 Days of Christmas Traditions--Music

Oh how I love Christmas music! And you know what's great about this year? My annual bout with laryngitis came early--at Thanksgiving--so I have a voice and can sing all the songs I love.

Music is an important part of our Christmas celebration.  I love that there are festive concerts to go to.  We first went to Alyssa's orchestra concert.

Here's a snippet:

Lys is on the very far left.

Then we went to Caleb's choir concert.  He is pretty darn adorable with his claps in the first song and "dings" in the second.

Caleb's concert was really great.  The audition choirs (Caleb's choir is non-audition) were outstanding.  But the last number moved me to tears.  His choir teacher first paid tribute to the victims of the Connecticut shooting with a moment of silence and then dedicated the final number, which was a combined choirs number, to them.  It was amazing!  The members from all five of the school's choirs surrounded the auditorium and the lights were turned out.  Each student held a candle and they sang the most wonderful arrangement of Silent Night.  I bawled!  Just beautiful.

Our Christmas Eve celebration also involves a lot of music.  Several years ago, I put the hymns and the scripture story of Christ's birth together.  I made these scripts and song books for every member of our family:

We read a portion of the story and then sing the hymn that corresponds to that part of the story.  By the end we've read the whole story from the bible and we've sung all of the Christmas hymns.  And since we don't have a piano, Jon put the accompaniment on a CD that is in the order of the script.  It works perfectly.  I love telling the Christmas story with all the songs mixed in.

There's no better way to feel the Christmas spirit than through music.


Chad said...

Sounds like they were great concerts!

Camille said...

I love reading about all of your fun traditions! It is such a fun time of year! I'm so jealous of that cute advent calendar your sister gave you. It's adorable!

Jen said...

I agree that nothing beats Christmas music! Loved the snippets of Alyssa's and Caleb's Christmas concerts. Thanks for sharing!

Maureen said...

Those music clips are awesome!! Great job Alyssa and Caleb!!!