Saturday, September 22, 2012

Wishes, Lies and Dreams

Wishes, Lies and Dreams Poem
by: Caleb Hatch
Last year's LA class--8th grade

I wish I had super powers
I wish I had a cougar as a pet
I wish I was the buffest man in the world
I wish there was free food
I wish there was no more school

I was stuck in a freezer
I jump on houses
I love Teletubbies
I can control the galaxy
I can run faster than the speed of light

I dream I'd win the NBA finals
I dream I'm a rich athlete
I dream people will stop picking on me
I dream I can have anything I want anytime
I dream I can stop bullies

It's the beginning of a new school year and I'm overwhelmed.  It always happens this way.  Things usually settle down in time but for now, I'm overwhelmed.  I wrote a poem about it.

Wishes, Lies and Dreams Poem
by: Caleb's mom

I wish my son's life wasn't so full of challenges
I wish he'd always understand his teachers' instructions
I wish he'd pass standardized tests
I wish I didn't have to worry
I wish just one thing could be easy

I enjoy explosive homework battles
It's OK that my son doesn't feel confident in school
It doesn't matter that assignments often involve frustration, anger and tears
Meeting with teachers and counselors is fun!
I won't have any pity parties

I dream that I'll be able to accept the challenges we're called to face
I dream that one day all of these obstacles will be a thing of the past
I dream that my boy will be able to attend the university of his choice
I dream that he'll realize that he's capable and smart
I dream that he'll understand that "being on his case" is just an expression of my love and concern (and sense of responsibility)

Dreams do come true.  I just have to have the faith that they will.


Mom said...

Keep the faith. We're all pulling for both of you.

Emily said...

I have faith in both of you!

Camille said...

Oh tara... That got me... 😥
I wish it were easier.

Camille said...

That was a sad face blogger didn't recognize I guess.

SuburbiaMom said...


Jen said...

Love you guys!