Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hatch Family Reunion--Day 2

When the housing fell through, all subsequent reunion plans were shot.  As a result, much of Thursday morning was spent sitting around wondering what we should do next.  Some had no desire to make the 45 minute drive to Park City, while others, like myself, had been looking forward to experiencing that fun resort town.  Jon had purchased a Groupon for four to the Park City Gun Club, so he obviously voted to go to Park City as well.  

Plus, we needed to legitimize our reunion T-shirts that included the words "Park City" in the logo.  

Eventually three carloads of people left to find adventure in the place where the reunion was originally planned to take place.  No sooner had we arrived than we were informed that the remainder of the family was on their way and they were bringing a picnic lunch with them.  So we found the city park, a perfect place for some sandwiches.

We did the traditional cousins-in-age-order photo:

Left to right: Brendan-16, Caleb-15, Ansel-15, Seth-14, Connor-13, Alyssa-13, Jonas-12, Sam-11, Ian-11, Owen-10, Erin-9, Natalie-9, Henry-8, Sadie-7, Daniel-2

Cute girls that are great friends:

The boys found a basketball court.  Perfect for them.

Love this picture of mother and son:

And rabbit...I mean Grandpa, snacking on whole lettuce leaves like they were potato chips:

After lunch these guys left to boost their manhood by shooting big guns.  Remember Jon's Groupon?  Firing massive weapons may be manly but doing it while wearing matchy-matchy shirts might diminish that slightly.  Just a little bit.

They may have felt tough, but they came back giddy as school girls for all the fun they had.  I think they'd all cite this as a reunion highlight.

Meanwhile, the rest of us went to Park City Mountain Resort for a little fun of our own.  There was a period of more hemming and hawing and indecisiveness but ultimately, most of the cousins (and I!) went on the alpine slide.

Then cooled off with snow cones:

Everyone else headed for home but the kids and I really wanted to try the alpine coaster.  It was an absolute blast.

On our way up the mountain, we started to feel sporadic splashes of raindrops.  Uh-oh.  Family pictures were next on the agenda and a storm was approaching.

After eating dinner and getting all spruced up, we reluctantly made our way to Wheeler Farm to meet a photographer that Lucy had hired to take our pictures.  I say reluctantly because dark clouds were gathering and a fierce wind blowing.  Then, just as we were getting ready to create our first pose, Owen got a bloody nose.

We'd hiked a little ways in to the photographer's chosen spot so Brendan had to sprint to the cars to find some tissue for Owen's nose while the Johnson's braved the wind for their family's shot.  Our family went next and I'm quite sure my face was completely covered by my wind-blown hair in most of those first pictures.  This photo shoot was a disaster.  

But, like everything else, it turned out okay in the end.  

We finally moved into a small clearing that was surrounded by trees and that offered some shelter from the wind.  And thankfully, the looming clouds withheld most of their raindrops.  I think we all agree that the pictures turned out far better than we imagined they would given our circumstances.

Grandma and Grandpa with their 15 grandchildren:

Our little family of 5:

The original Hatches:

Just the boys:

Cute, cute girls:

And the whole crew:

On the way home, I stopped to take a picture at Tara Lane.  Natalie had spotted it earlier and it was just too perfect not to go back and document the street sign with not just my first, but also my middle name.

That night, we gathered for our traditional family talent show.  It's always lots of fun.

Maureen donned a poodle skirt (except it didn't have a poodle) and led the kids in "Lollipop."

Emily told a clever joke.

Seth, Sam and Jay played "Popcorn Popping" on the bells, but not before doing proper stretching, of course.

Jonas and Owen sang a Les Miserables tune.

Alyssa choreographed a dance for the girls to do.  Can you see their pink and denim clothing coordination?

And the show ended as it often does, with Grandpa sharing his testimony and expressing his gratitude for each of his family members.

Not without its bumps, but a good day in the end.

Next up...Lagoon!


Erin said...

Okay, there's lots in that post to comment on but mostly I just want to say how hilarious Ansel and Seth are in the goofy picture! Priceless!

Jen said...

Can I just steal all your posts? At least maybe your pictures? Love your documentation. :)