Thursday, July 24, 2014

Caleb's Sweet Sixteen

Caleb was adamant that only girls celebrate "Sweet sixteens."  I think he's right.  Is it that the word "sweet" sounds feminine?  Sixteen is a big milestone for boys, too and the word "sweet" could have lots of connotations.  There were plenty of sweet--meaning awesome--events surrounding his birthday.

The weekend before his big day, Caleb went to a Book of Mormon themed youth conference.  His lifelong best friends, Mason and Landon, were in town visiting and he was thrilled that they could attend with him.  Also, check out his sa-weet--meaning totally cool--costume!  I mean, really, how perfect is that?  My sister-in-law, Amy, made it for my brother when they were leaders at a similar conference.  Not only did I not have to worry about making costumes, but Caleb ended up with the best costume out there.

He's always felt most comfortable when sporting a Y on his chest.  He was such a sweet--meaning adorable--toe-headed boy.

Mason and Landon were busy with family most of the day, but they were able to sneak away for breakfast the morning of Caleb's birthday.  They celebrated with thick slices of french toast dripping with sweet--meaning sugary--syrup.

Natalie made this sweet--meaning thoughtful--birthday card for Caleb:

We decided that a family trip to the Mariner's game that night would be a great way to celebrate Caleb's sixteen years.  The weather was perfect and the Mariner's pulled out a sweet--again, meaning awesome--win.

Evidently Caleb and I don't know where to look when taking a selfie.

The Evans family went to the game with their extended family, but they came over to our seats a couple of times throughout the evening.

I packed a huge, sweet--meaning delicious--cupcake for Caleb to eat at the game.

Caleb's sweet--meaning groovy--dance moves were featured on the jumbotron.  Can you find Landon's face on the left and my hand holding his cupcake on the right?

Bust a move, Big boy!

Caleb was ordained a Priest in the Aaronic Priesthood the very next Sunday.  That's a big deal.  And it hit me hard that my boy is really getting old now.

He may have been a nervous wreck about learning to drive, but since he'd turned sixteen, it was time to face the fear head on.  We registered for driver's education and obtained his permit from the DOL shortly after his birthday.

He's been driving a little bit every day and becoming more confident behind the wheel.

Sixteen seems so old and I keep wondering if I'm ever going to come out of my state of denial.

I tell you what, I've got one sweet--meaning awesome, groovy, tender-hearted, genuine, naive, totally cool--son.

Happy Birthday, Caleb!


Granny said...

Way to make a Granny cry! Love that boy! He is one SWEET kid.

Jen said...

What a fun post! Happy 16th to Caleb!

Karen said...

Sweet'as teenagers use the word!,