Monday, March 25, 2013

Atop the Podium

These are big moments.  The kind you remember forever.

Twenty-two and a half hours of training every week for 10 months, culminates at this one shot in front of the judges.  It's the state meet, where all of the best talent has gathered to put their routines against each other and hopefully qualify for the regional meet.

Alyssa was great!  We're blown away by the growth she's made this last year and it showed in her performance and placing.

Some lighthearted play with some teammates while waiting for awards.

Alyssa was fifth on vault with a 9.025.

She was third on bars with a 9.425, third on beam with a 9.25, and third all-around with a 37.3.  She liked that three:

But the highlight of the day was winning the gold medal for her 9.6 on floor.  
A state champion on floor!

Alyssa's team was also earned first place.  They are a state championship team!  

It was actually quite a dramatic finish.  The girls are divided into sessions by age group.  (Lys competed in the second of three sessions.) One of Alyssa's teammates was in the final session all by herself, but all of the other teammates were there to cheer for her.  We were quite the boisterous cheering section.  This little girl pulled out the meet of her life and her performance lifted our team score to tie with Cascade Elite Gymnastics.  USAG rules state that a tie is broken by the highest individual score which would then make Auburn Gymnastics the first place team.  But our coaches decided that they wanted to  share the title, calling both teams state champions.  They were praised for their sportsmanship and I loved it.

Jon made this great video which shows her entire meet in 3:43:

I get a bit teary watching the video.  I'm just so proud of her for making the most of her moment in front of the judges.

Congratulations, Alyssa!  You've worked so hard for countless hours.  You really deserve your moment on the podium.

Next up, regionals.


Holly said...

That was fun to watch!

Congrats Alyssa!

Granny said...

uh yep, I can see why you get teary eyed watching this. So, exciting. I'm so glad I could be there for all of the fun and excitement. CONGRATULATIONS LSY!!!

Melissa said...

Hooray! I was hoping you would post something today about the meet. Congratulations Alyssa, that is awesome!

Jen said...

I cannot even imaging how proud you and Jon must feel! So so exciting. Alyssa did so great and I'm so happy for her and you!

Emily said...

Congratulations to all of you!! Amazing :)

Chad said...

Atta girl Lyssa Rose!! You did an amazing job! Very proud of you!

Karen said...

proud of you,Alyssa!!!We're looking forward to seeing all of you!

Karen said...

Lucy helped me to be able to make comments by getting back to what we had on our mission which I had forgotten

Michelle said...

Nice job Lys!! Congrats on a wonderful State meet!

Ben A said...

That's amazing! Great job Alyssa. I am proud, and I'm not even her mother. :) What a great athlete.

Ben and Carrie said...

That last comment was me (Carrie), not Ben. But I'm sure he's proud too! :)