Sunday, February 3, 2013

Like a Weed

Caleb's reached that stage in life where he outgrows his clothes and shoes almost as soon as he puts them on.  He'd been wearing a much-too-small suit for quite some time and though we had done some looking, we'd hadn't found a suitable replacement.  (Suitable replacement?  I promise, there was no pun intended.)  The suit situation had reached a point of embarrassment but honestly, we'd often forget about the need until Sunday came and the high-water pants and wrist-bone-exposing sleeves would remind us.

Then Grandma came to visit.  She made it her mission to properly outfit Caleb for church.

Most of us experience an "awkward stage."  Mine was 9th grade.  Oh boy.  I still remember picking up my freshman year pictures and the woman who was distributing them looked at them before handing them over to me.  "Oh Tara, I don't think you're going to like these," she said sympathetically.  But those pictures were a pretty true representation of how I looked and there just wasn't anything we could do about it.  I just needed some time to work through that unfortunate awkward-looking stage.

I realize I have my mommy goggles firmly in place, but Caleb appears to have aged so gracefully.  No awkward stage.  At least not yet.  He's simply as handsome as he's ever been!

Just look how he's grown in the last two and a half years!  Caleb got his first suit when he became a deacon at twelve years old.  (pictured at left)  He's now on suit number three.

Just how tall is he?  Here he is standing next to me:

It must be noted that he was wearing his shoes and I was not.  Still, he's passed me by, for sure.

What will he look like in another two and half years?  I'm in no hurry to find out.

Thanks for the new suit, Grandma.  We think he looks great!


Mom said...

Looks great. Yeah!!!

Chad said...

What a good looking, handsome dude!

Jen said...

NIce! Suits are hard to find, too. Lookin' good Caleb :)

Erin said...

Wow! I can't believe it! Your suit looks awesome Caleb. I hope I'll be able to recognize you when we come to visit! :)

Oh, and speaking of awkward phases, mine was 6th through 9th grade. Then I had another one from age 21 to 25. In fact, it could be argued that I'm going through yet another one right now! Needless to say, I truly fear for my daughters' futures!

Michelle said...

Caleb has aged gracefully! He's always been a very handsome boy. Well, young man now!

Lucy said...

So grown up. You are both looking so good!

I definitely had an awkward stage. I'd say 7th through 10th grade. Acne, braces and frizzy hair were not my friends.