Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Supreme Court

It's no secret that we are a sports-loving family. The other day a friend remarked that we had "been to a lot of Mariner's games this season."  A few days later my mom asked, "What have you guys been up to, besides going from ball game to ball game to ball game?"

What can I say? It's our kind of fun. And when we heard about the promotion being held at last night's Mariner's game, we knew it was one of those only-happens-once kind of games and we weren't going to miss it!  As Jon said at a recent game, "This is what summer is all about."

Last week, Felix Hernandez--King Felix as we fans call him--pitched the first perfect game in Mariners history.  Any time Felix pitches, one section of the stadium is turned into "King's Court" and the ticket holders in that section are given gold Felix shirts and K cards to celebrate his strikeouts.  Well last night was Felix's first start since that historic perfect game and to honor him, the Mariners organization turned the entire stadium into "Supreme Court."  Everyone got free Felix shirts and K cards and the tickets were offered at a discount price, too.

The atmosphere was positively electric!  This morning, I heard a sports radio commentator say, "It was one of the coolest sporting moments I have been a part of."  I couldn't agree more.

When Felix came out of the bullpen at the start of the game, the crowd of 40,000 went absolutely wild!  I got chills.  It was that amazing!  And Felix tipped his hat in all directions to show his gratitude.  Then the announcer said, "Supreme court is now in session.  All rise."

After Felix finished his perfect game, he celebrated with this now-famous pose that has become known as "Felixing."  Some are saying Felixing is the new Tebowing.

Everyone's doing it.  So we all had to get in on the fun, too:

And guess who was the star of the jumbotron this time?  It wasn't Caleb.  He was off refilling his soda and Jon joked that they came looking for him but when he wasn't in the stands, they focused on me instead.  I was doing a little Felixing dance.  Caleb, who'd been watching the monitor while in the concessions line, came back to our seats and yelled, "Mom, how could you?!"

We took turns sitting in the king's throne:

Aside from all the Felix celebration, the team played some outstanding baseball.  Two homeruns, one ground rule double and several unbelievable defensive plays.  Many have been calling it a playoff-like atmosphere.  I've never been to a playoff game but if it is like that, sign me up!

Every time Felix got two strikes in the count, the crowd would wave their K cards and chant, "K,K,K,K...."

I'm probably sounding all sorts of annoying overdramatic.  You had to be there.  We all agree that it is easily the best Mariner's game we've ever attended!  Jon's right, this is what summer is all about.

Next up: BYU football game.  'Cause that's what fall is all about!


Erin said...

Sounds like lots of fun!

Boy, you and Jon certainly aren't winning any points with Caleb this baseball season, are you?? :)

Chad said...

Thanks again for calling us! We loved it even if we had to get up early this morning after a long roundtrip last night!

Jen said...

So fun! I love it!

jenny said...

How cool!