Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Cousins Here, Cousins There

Fun with cousins everywhere!

Cousins See Weird Al
Tickets on the fifth row with the very people who introduced him to wonderful world of Weird Al.  Caleb was in heaven.

Cousins See King Tut
The Pacific Science Center is hosting a very interesting exhibit of Egyptian artifacts that are on display for the last time in North America.

The kids may not have fully appreciated it but I learned a lot about King Tut, his tomb and pharaohs in general.

Here's the coffinette that held his stomach and a replica of the man himself in his mummified state:

Cousins Explore the Science Center

Cousins Cool Off
Some got sprinkled, some got drenched.  Can you guess which was which?

Cousins Attempt to Dry Their Denim Shorts

Cousins Pose (against their will)

Cousins Wear Matching Jerseys--and smell the garlic fries. Mmmm.

Cousins Eat an Insane Amount of Candy
We went through two bags of lollipops, two bags of Starburst, Mike and Ike and Twizzlers.

Cousins Cheer for Homeruns!

Not pictured: Cousins in Leotards, Cousins at Legendary Donuts, Cousins Playing Basketball and Cousins Being Left Home Alone So Their Parents Have Some Kid-free Time.

Is there anything better than cousins?


Erin said...

Looks like lots of fun! I can't believe how much Natty has changed since I saw her last. You need to bring them to visit me!!!

What happened to Alyssa knee?

Tara said...

Lys just has some tendonitis in her knee. Not a major thing but we've been using some of that fancy tape to help her get through her long workouts. She had just come from the gym when we left on our Seattle outing.

Jen said...

Such a great get away! THanks for the good time! I did get a picture of the cousins in leotards....

Lucy said...

What a fun weekend! Cousins are the best! Looking forward to seeing them all have fun again in a week!

Camille said...

Looks like FUN! Cousins are the best!