Friday, August 20, 2010

Going Postal

It's appears that Mailman Dave is waging war. I suppose Jon may be partly at fault for perpetuating the situation. He attached the following note to the collection envelope that contained the all-too-important 34 cents:

"Here is the due postage. Next time, please return to sender."

Today we were treated to this nasty note stuck to a piece of our mail:

It reads: "If you do not want to pay postage due on an item then return the item unopened. Your request to just return the item is an unreasonable expectation. I have over 2,100 people on this route. I can't remember each little request--let's follow postal rules--either pay the postage due or give the item back to me. You can't keep it and not pay. Thanks Mailman Dave"

Over 2,100 people but he still has time to write notes.

I'm starting to wonder if we should activate our alarm system. He does, afterall, know where we live.


Chuck said...

These last two posts have made me laugh. I say lock your doors when the mailman is on your street- it sounds like he may go postal soon. I hope he isn't my mailman- but if he is, he's TERRIBLE! I think he reads my magazines and watches my Netflix:)
Tara, you really know how to tell a story. You need to start publishing!!~Melissa

Amy Jones said...

Wow. That's about all I can say: Wow.

Lucy said...

This is disturbing! Who has the time for such a small amount? From my understanding, you didn't ask him to put a stamp on the letter, did you? Who is this guy? Post office employees with grievances are kind of scary.

Funny story, but yeah....activate that alarm:)

Jenny said...

He needs to get a grip. Oh, my I think I would be concerned too. Grumpy man!

Camille said...

This story is hilarious. Jared read it first and told me he'd been laughing about it and I just had to catch up and READ it for myself.

The funny thing is that Emma got a similar letter but it was a giant folded colored paper with foam stickers on it and Mailman Dave delivered it just fine with the two stamps. ???