Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer's Here!

I'm quite sure that our school district was the very last one on the planet to get out of school. But as of today, we're officially finished and ready for summer.

Natalie's last day was on Tuesday. She got to celebrate her preschool graduation at Super Jump with her teacher and classmates.

Here are Miss Cindy's morning and afternoon classes. Natalie is in the back row in the orange shirt.

The kids signed the alphabet and sang a couple of songs before being presented with their graduation certificates.

It's impossible to express just how much Natalie loved Miss Cindy.

What preschooler wouldn't love a teacher that's willing to do this with her students:

Alyssa was equally in love with her two teachers this year. She had job sharing teachers in a 2/3 split class. She was sad to have to say goodbye to them. One highlight was that she got to have her good friend, Abigail (a second grader), in class with her. The girls thought it was so exciting that their clothes matched on the last day of school.

Here they are posing with the yummy strawberry bouquets we gave their teachers as end-of-the-year gifts:
Alyssa finished the year with straight A's and was excited to receive an Academic Acheivement Award at the assembly. Here she is (peeking from behind her much taller classmates) standing to be recognized:

This morning was Caleb's last day, or last two hours, to be more specific. It's so silly that they go to school for two hours! He was home before Natalie woke up. He said that the bus driver celebrated their last ride together by driving "crazy." Evidently she was zig-zagging and slamming on the brakes causing the students to toss to and fro. Caleb thought she was being fun but based on past experience, I think she may have some demented plan to maim or injure the middle-schoolers that have tortured her all year long. How does this woman have a job?

As soon as Caleb got home, it was time for me to take Natalie to the school for her pre-kindergarten assessment. I didn't get much information other than the teacher who tested her said that she was very ready for kindergarten. I hate that she's this big already!

And now for a hexaduad composition from Caleb's poetry portfolio. It perfectly sums up how he feels about school.


I go to school all day
I don't even get to play

Instead teachers torture me
With boring homework, you see.

I'd rather ride my bike
Or do other things I like

Social studies or arithmetic
Always makes my brain feel sick

Homework is confusing work
It makes me want to go berserk.

Homework is such a bore
It makes me want to snore.

No more homework. Yea for Summer!


Erin said...

Yay for Summer! Don't worry, our kids just barely got out of school too.

Chad said...

Woohoo!! Utah is ready and waiting for their visitors!! Which reminds me, Call me T!

Jen said...

Yea! We can't wait to see you guys! Happy Summer. I can't believe Natalie is going to be in Kindergarten!

Good luck tomorrow!

Michelle said...

So glad summer is finally here!

Lucy said...

Can't believe you just got out. That seems cruel but I'm happy Caleb will no longer be tortured:) Happy Summer!

Mom said...

Like your girls, I always have such mixed emotions at the end of the school year. It's sad to pass on my students, but exciting to have a care-free summer to look forward to.

Camille said...

That is hilarious!

Craythorn Family said...

Oh my goodness! When do you start school? My kids were out May 26th. And....I am ready for them to go back!