Sunday, April 30, 2017

Mormon Prom

Alyssa got in the car after mutual, showed me a plastic dinosaur she'd been given and said, "Jonathan just asked me to Mormon Prom!"

"What? When?" I had been at mutual with her and hadn't seen or heard a thing. But evidently after the activity was over, he encouraged a small group that included Alyssa to watch a video on his phone. This was that video:

So cheesy, but really clever and cute! Because this invitation was a bit last minute, Alyssa had figured she wasn't going to get asked and while it would take some scrambling to get her outfitted in time, she was definitely excited about the opportunity to go on her first dance date.

Because we were short on time and we knew any full length dress would need to be hemmed for Alyssa, we started looking at shorter styles. Mormon Prom is not as formal as the traditional version at the high school, but she still wanted to find something dressy. We found a dress online and it arrived within a couple of days. Next, I ordered a bridal belt to dress it up. The search for shoes and jewelry was a complete headache, but in the end, I think she was absolutely stunning.

Jonathan and Alyssa met up with the rest of their group at the Adams' house, where they were going to take pictures and have dinner.

I made all the desserts--all but one gluten-free--to accommodate Alyssa. I thought they turned out great.

chocolate cupcakes with creme filling, key lime tarts, salted caramel cheesecakes, raspberry cheesecakes and bite-sized caramel apples

It was drizzling outside so we didn't get great pictures of the group. They all looked great, though.

 They exchanged flowers, but I had to help with the boutonniere.

Alyssa had a great night!

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