Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

It was mostly like the many Thanksgivings before it, but this year there were a few changes too.  

Like the Turkey Trot.  

It was as cold as usual, but this year, I got a new running buddy.  (Though I don't know that 'running buddy' is accurate since he was far in front of me before we'd even made it past the first block.) Caleb has never run it before and he was the only one to accompany me.  After the race, I thanked him for joining me and he replied, "Yeah, I figure you won't get to see me run anymore, so it would be nice to come with you."  (As if I needed any reminder that his time in my nest is running short.)  

Our Thanksgiving feast was as delicious as it always is.

And the Turkey Bowl was filled with the usual questionable calls and iffy sportsmanship.

I did very little shopping this year, which was a departure from my typical Thanksgiving routine.  I did, however, buy the girls some paints and clear Christmas ornaments.  They had a great time being crafty.

Of course we ate at Staggering Ox, that will never change!

It's the best sandwich on the planet.

A post-Thanksgiving spaghetti dinner also seems to be a tradition.

(No one touched that veggie tray, in case you're wondering.)

Christopher and I hiked Mt. Helena to take in some spectacular views.  It was really cold, but really beautiful!

The BYU/USU game wasn't available at Grandma and Grandpa's house, so we watched it in Jen and Christopher's hotel rooms.  Wanna know what's really different?  Jen is an enthusiastic BYU football fan!  I remember when she rather be shopping than watch a football game.  But now?  She was my favorite person to watch with!

Way to go, Cougs!!

The girls didn't watch a whole lot.  They were busy doing this:

Tradition says that we adults go to Chili's on Saturday night for dinner.  We've been doing it for so many years in a row that we'd forgotten how bad the service had been the last two years.  Last year, Christopher put a reminder on his phone warning us not to go to Chili's.  For some reason, we just couldn't break tradition and we went anyway.  We will remember next year to break this tradition!  Well, not really break the tradition, just take the tradition somewhere else!

Waiting patiently for refills while shivering in the drafty booth:

This year, we also missed Aunt Sarah and Aunt Maureen.  They were enjoying a Thanksgiving together in Ireland.  In all the years we've been going to Helena for Thanksgiving, I don't think Maureen has ever been absent.  We missed them both.

One thing that was definitely the same as it's always been: It was a wonderful holiday!


Jennifer Childers said...

Really, I was your favorite person to watch the game with? That's so cool! :) I love that we have so many fun traditions at Thanksgiving....but really let's not go to Chilli's again next year! Love that we get to spend Thanksgiving together every year :)

Holly said...

Ah, Yes, the unwanted veggie tray! :) Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I love that you have so many fun traditions with your family and extended family.