Monday, November 23, 2015

Dance Party!

We've thrown many birthday parties at our house, but Natalie thought this one might be deemed "best ever."  Alyssa invited nearly 20 of her favorite friends to celebrate her fifteenth birthday with a garage dance party.  

Jon got pretty involved in the party planning, too.  He hung a black light and a rotating dance light that sparkled in various colors.  He ordered 100 glow bracelets, found some glow-in-the-dark face paint and created a play list of all of Alyssa's favorite music.  I stapled a massive sheet of black plastic to the ceiling to cover our "junk."  Don't get me wrong, it was still a garage, but it was as awesome as a garage could be.

After dinner and gifts inside--Alyssa's friends spoiled her rotten!--the girls went out to the garage and danced the night away.  

Such a fun party for such a great girl!


Granny said...

Cool party!

Jennifer Childers said...

Looks fun! Love the idea of adding all the glow stuff :)

SuburbiaMom said...

Awesome party! You two are the coolest parents!