Saturday, March 29, 2014

State Meet

It all comes down to this.

Any meet carries a certain amount of pressure, but it's the state meet that determines whether you advance in the postseason and decides your team's status against the other competitors in the state.

We knew Team AGC Level 9s had a great shot at winning.  Jon put together this fun movie trailer as a motivator:

And you know what?  They did it!  They became the state championship team, winning by more than 1.5 points.  That's a lot in gymnastics.

Front Row: Alyssa, Samantha, Maison (who wasn't able to compete due to injury) and Gracie
Back Row: Ali, Kayla and Julia

A team score is determined by using the top three scores of each event.  Alyssa contributed to her winning team with her bars and floor scores.

In her age group, she tied for 2nd on bars, placed 5th on floor and 6th all-around.  Here she is with her silver medal:

Here's that bar routine:

And floor:

Once the level 9 session was over, it was time to relax and cheer on our level 10s.

Our level tens were amazing and they also pulled out a state championship win.  Here's a fun video our gym put together of level 9/10 highlights:


I know winning isn't everything, but it sure is fun being on a state championship team two years in a row!

After each meet, the girls have a brief team meeting and the coaches choose one athlete to take the trophy home.  That gymnast then brings it to the gym where it is displayed for the rest of the season. Being chosen to take the trophy home (somewhat like earning MVP) is a special honor for the girls.  After the state meet, the coaches decided they couldn't choose just one athlete to take the trophy, so it was decided that each girl would take the trophy home for a day. It was determined that they would take it home in height order, so since Alyssa in the shortest, she brought the team trophy.

Way to go, Team AGC!

Now it's on to regionals...


Granny said...

Such a fun and exciting day!

Jen said...

Impressive, as always! Congrats to Alyssa and her team and AGC!