Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Charity Choice

The Charity Choice Invitational is perhaps the largest gymnastics meet held annually in our region.  It allows for each team to compete for large cash awards that are donated to the charity of their choice. Winners are determined by a point system and points are earned in a variety of ways, including winning individual and team titles, as well as more silly things like wearing articles that advertise your charity.  

Our gym competes for the Auburn Valley Humane Society, so our gymnasts (levels 3-10) wore t-shirts with the humane society's logo on them during warm-ups and march-in.  For march-in, they also wore animal masks.  Nat was a dog:

Jon rented a fancy camera lens for this meet, hoping to get some really great action shots.  He was quickly disappointed to find out that taking great pictures requires more than just snapping on an expensive lens.  Unfortunately, neither one of us really knows how to use our camera.

Here's Natty's team waving to the crowd through their animal masks during march-in:

And here she is waiting for floor:

Natalie did well and placed 2nd All-around.  She got to share the podium with her favorite gym buddy, Morgan, who placed 1st.

Lys competed next.  Here she is warming up:

I love all the curls:

Alyssa marched in as a monkey:

Front layout:

Imagine how cool this picture of Lys' beam dismount would be if it weren't blurry:

Overall, it was a rough meet for Alyssa with falls and/or big mistakes on every event.  Still, she managed to place 5th all-around and 4th on bars.  So I think she's awesome even when she's having an off day.

Both Natalie and Alyssa's teams won their sessions and by the end of the weekend, our gym managed to earn enough points to win the second place charity choice award, which earned $3000 for the humane society. 

Great meet with a great cause.  Way to go, AGC!


Granny said...

Cutest little animals I've ever seen.

Jen said...

That's nice to add a charity twist to it. Good job to Natty!