Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Life List

As part of a year-long autobiography assignment for his language arts class, Caleb was required to write a "life list." It was to be a list of 50 "dreams, goals or aspirations."

It got me wondering if I've ever had 50 life goals, I certainly can't think of that many right now.

I thought Caleb's list was perfect. So naive. And simple. And sincere. And so...Caleb.

Click to enlarge and read Caleb's list

Is it sad that at my stage of life I can't think of even five items for a life list? Does that mean I don't aspire to much? Or does it mean that I'm content? That would be a good thing, right?


Michelle said...

I particularly like #18... eat more food :) And, I'd love to have a job where I get free sodas too!

This was adorable! In fact, so much so... I had to read it out loud to Kyle!

Mom said...

I couldn't make it through the list without tearing up. So sweet, so Caleb. Gotta love that boy!

Emily said...

I love it! I want a fridge with ice in it too :)

Erin said...

I love that the list includes "Go to New York" That's one that should be checked off as soon as possible! Such a great list. I hope you achieve most, if not all of them Caleb!

And Tara, you must be content. I'm sure I could think of at least 20 things on my list.

Jen said...

Oh my gosh this is so fun! I love so many of these things...thanks for sharing. You're right...it is so Caleb. I hope he gets to do a lot of those fun things :)

Lucy said...

This makes me teary because it is absolutely the sweetest thing ever. I love that he wants to go on a mission AND work at the brick oven. I hope as many things on that list as possible come true for him. Awesome.

Chad said...

I love it. So Caleb and so sweet! I hope for all the best for you CJ, you are my favorite little man!