Friday, October 15, 2010

Just Another Crazy Hair Day

Alyssa is on the student council this year. As soon as they voted to have Crazy Hair Day as the first spirit day of the year, she started planning to use our leftover orange hair spray from the Halloween box. But it was Natalie that inspired the hair-do. Referring to the orange color she said, "You're going to look like a pumpkin."

So we did a pumpkin patch. Do you see it?

Some twists for the vines, orange buns for pumpkins and finished off with some green "stems."

Natalie decided she wanted an everyday hair-do but did want it orange.

Linsey and Hunter forgot about Crazy Hair Day so we quick gave them a little orange, too. The Fletcher girls looked cute with all their ponies.

It's good to be a little crazy sometimes.


Mom said...

I'm definitely seeing the pumpkins. Great job! That is definitely some "crazy hair."

Shad and Krista McOmber said...

Super Cute!! I love the 'pumpkins,' very clever!

Jen said...

Fun! AlyssA's hair looks amazing!

Chad said...

Very cute!!!

Michelle said...

wow, very cute and creative! I definitely see the pumpkins :)

jenny said...

Now that is creative!