Thursday, June 1, 2017

Natalie's Wide World of Sports

I've been to countless sporting events for my kids over the years, but Natalie was the first to get involved in middle school sports. Since quitting gymnastics, she has tried all sorts of new things. It was sure fun cheering her on.

Last fall, she tried basketball for the first time. Everything about it was new to her but she had a lot of fun.

In January, she started weightlifting at Alpha Strength and Conditioning. She's been going at least three times a week with the hopes of perhaps trying it competitively in the future.

Though gymnastics isn't new to her, she did have to brush off some cob webs to join the middle school gymnastics team. She competed on beam and vault.

And finally, this spring, she tried track. Turns out she's a pretty decent little runner. She did well at shot put, too.

Way to go, Nat! So fun to watch you do sports!

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