Monday, August 29, 2016


The burn ban was a bummer, but the food, the fun and the sunset more than made up for it. Plus, we got to enjoy it all with some of our very most favorite friends; the Fletchers, McInellys, Androses and Evanses--who drove all the way from Utah! 

Camp Zarahemla holds endless family memories for us.  We were so excited that the Fletchers scheduled this summer outing again this year.

Alyssa, Linsey, Lydia and Abigail at the entrance to the property.

The lake was extremely low, but that did not keep the kids from hours and hours of canoeing.

They also took turns swinging, lounging and even sleeping in the Andros' hammocks.

Lots of mouths to feed delicious food:

There was always someone on the rope swing.

What would a campout be without a talent show of kid-written and directed silly acts .

My favorite little cabin in the woods:

Something about the great outdoors strengthens the bonds of friendship.

Three of these ladies have moved away, but they will be life-long friends to me.

Jon's got his arm around Jared, who had to leave the campout earlier than the rest of us.

Only a few kids wanted to join our adult hike, which was more like a stroll through the trees.  Fun, nonetheless.

See what I mean about the sunset? Stunningly gorgeous!

Holly found a way to do s'mores even without a campfire.

The proof that we all had non-stop fun:

Alyssa recently remarked that this campout with these friends is one of her favorite summer traditions.

I concur.

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