Tuesday, November 16, 2010


It may not actually be broken. But it sure ain't pretty.

I wish I had a great story to match the swirls of purple and blue. But alas, I was just walking. Walking through the gym being followed by my gymnasts like ducklings follow their mother. On our way to the bars, my pinkie toe caught the edge of the elevated vault runaway and just like that, closed-toe shoes in the middle of November are a luxury in which I can't painlessly indulge. Stupid pinkie toe!

Alyssa's stomach betrayed her late Sunday night and she spent most of yesterday in bed. She slept in this morning and then decided to give school a try. She's tough as nails, that girl, so I'm hopeful she'll rebound in time to compete in her sectionals meet this weekend.

Our car's not technically broken but in for a major milestone maintenance. I know it's necessary and likely saves us money down the road, but I find it painful to shell out that kind of money for a timing belt. Natalie says she'd rather keep the loaner van.

Natalie's heart was broken when she left her beloved pink blanket at a hotel a couple of weeks ago. The blanket was eventually found and the hotel staff promised to send it via UPS. Natalie yelled, "You stinker!" as we passed a UPS truck this morning because it hasn't been delivered yet. It's actually the slow-moving hotel staff that's to blame. Last I checked, they hadn't even mailed it yet.

And finally, we have another device to add to our list of cursed electronics. Last night, Jon reached into his pocket to check the time on his iPod touch when it crashed to the ground, shattering its screen. And he only got it a couple of weeks ago. This has got to be the reason why technology is not my thing!

My toe will heal, Alyssa will regain her strength, Natalie's blanket will eventually arrive and I'll be thankful for a car that functions properly and lasts for several more years.

Time heals all wounds...does that apply to LCD screens?


Mom said...

I thought bad things happened in "threes." (I believe you've over stepped your limit.)

If there were just a healing process for smashed ipod screens.

Here's hoping all is well, or at least better, by Friday.

Karen said...

I broke a toe in college and then rode back to Detroit after hobbling all over campus to take finals. My foot looked like that when I finally took my shoe off. Hope you feel better soon.

Sara said...

So sorry about your toe and Alyssa's stomach, and Natty's blanket, and Jon's Ipod, oh, and your car:) I hope all things are fixed soon!

By the way, I just sent you an email that you can disregard since I already know you get my blog updates. Love ya!

Lucy said...

Ouch! That does not look pretty. Well, they say bad things come in threes but it looks like yours came in fives. Sorry. I hope everything heals and works as it should and that your electronic woes are shortly lived.

Jackie said...

Ouch! Hope your foot heals quickly.

Jen said...

Yikes...it reminds me of when I hurt my foot over spring break a few years back....hope you feel better soon!....and i hope Alyssa is feeling better and getting ready to rock it at her sectionals! You'll be glad about the car although it sucks paying for preventative stuff. Hoping the blnaket gets there soon and now Jon can start his christmas list :) Maybe he should ask for a watch as well as a new ipod touch.

Camille said...

So sad about your ipod. Darn. I better be careful with mine, I have gotten pretty lax about letting Austin play with it.... not anymore. I hope your toe gets better soon. Morning runs are not the same without you.

Michelle said...

Well, YAY about the blanket!!!