Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday, Natalie!

I really hate that my baby is five. I'm not ready. Five is so much older than four.

"I'm five!" she exclaimed as she sat up in her bed this morning. Unfortunately, her enthusiasm was quickly squelched when she discovered that her birthday party was not going to happen today. (It's scheduled for Saturday.) She got really sad and decided it must not be her "real" birthday afterall.

Though she'll have to wait four more days to celebrate with all her friends, she got enough pampering to make her big day feel special. And she got to experience it all with her very best friend, Emma.

I picked the girls up from school and headed for McDonald's. On the way there Natalie warned Emma that "my mom doesn't buy Happy Meals." She knows that I am normally opposed to spending money on a meal in which much of the food will be wasted and the cheap toy will find its way into my garbage within a couple of days. But, not every day is your birthday.

The girls knew I had a surprise for them after lunch but they couldn't guess what. They were thrilled when we arrived at the nail shop and they got to sit in their teddy bear pedicure chairs.

They both said that putting their feet in the water was their favorite part.

They got to watch a Barbie movie and eat suckers while their fingers and toes got the royal treatment. Natalie picked green with hearts for her toes and pink with flowers for her fingers. So cute!

After gymnastics, Natalie chose Wendy's for dinner and then we came home for birthday cake.

A slice of cherry chip cake and five trips through the spanking machine made her birthday complete.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!


Camille said...

I'm so glad Natty had such a great birthday and thank you for letting Emma join in on the fun. Those pictures are great!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Natalie! Looks like a fun day! I'm sure her party will be a blast!

SuburbiaMom said...

Where is this spiffy nail shop with bear chairs??!!!

Happy birthday to your baby!!!

Sara said...

Wow, Tara, She looks so grown up. She is beautiful, just like her mommy. How fun to be pampered like that on her special day! You are the best mom ever! Will you be my mom:)

Jen said...

Happy Birthday to Natalie! We are super excited to come be a part of her party part:) She is so cute and what a fun day! I love those kid sized pedicure chairs!

Chad said...

Happy Birthday Nattie! Such a big girl!

Lucy said...

She is irresistible. What an adorable five year old!

Happy Birthday!!!

Amy Jones said...

The cake looks divine. I'm assuming it's another one of your amazing creations.

Way to go with the happy meals! You're an awesome mom. Happy birthday, Nat!

Stephanie said...

What a fun outing, and cute pictures. You may have started a new tradition!

KmCaCFamilyof5 said...

Happy Birthday to Natalie! So glad we were able to come celebrate with you today!!